November 2015

23 Months

This month she got to pick out her own fabric. She kept asking for owls when we were in the store and we had finally settled on an owl fabric. Then  I saw this cute little whales and showed it to her. She said, “Awww mama baby whales. Mama have. Big hug!” Then she took it out of my arms and started hugging and kissing it. Melt my heart, why don’t ya? So whales it was! Not very Halloween but oh well. And I couldn’t go for a picture perfect pose with a perfect smile- I had to choose the one with the look we get so often. Yes, we are almost 2… HA!

23 IMG_1936

Her in a nutshell now:

-She has been saying her ABC’s for probably 3 months now and in the last month or so has perfected, “Now I know my ABC’s next time won’t you sing with meeeee!” Of course it isn’t smooth, but she will say 5 or 6 words, pause and then continue. However, the actual ABC’s she doesn’t want to say anymore…. I don’t know why!? She can also identify the letters A, B, O and X when she sees them.

-She counts to 20, but often skips 15, 16, 17. Then she tries to count past 20 and it’s as if she is speaking her own language, it’s so funny! She also can count to 10 in Spanish which is hilarious. I didn’t know she could (thanks Dora) but then I heard her saying quietly, “Ocho, Waevae (neuve), deiz! She can point to the #’s 1 & 2.

-She knows all the normal colors (got “fluent” in them maybe 2 months ago), although sometimes she calls pink purple. Purple seems to be her favorite to say and she loves to point at everything and tell me the color and count the items.

-In the last month she has started saying shapes (circle, square, diamond, star, triangle and heart) are the ones she seems to have down pat. We are still working on rectangle and some others.

-For months now she will sit on her potty but not use it, aside from as a step stool. Since about 19 or 20 months she will tell me “diaper change mama” and about 2.5-3 months ago she will bring me her changing pad, diapers, wipes… can take her pants and diaper off and wipe. If running around diaperless and she has to go she will say “diaper diaper mama!” to avoid accidents. But will she sit down on the potty and go. NO! NO! NO! She is as stubborn as the day is long. Who on earth could she get that from!? :)

-She loves Mickey Mouse, Dora, Bubble Guppies and sometimes Doc McStuffins. Mickey and Dora are her faves though. She also loves shows about colors, shapes, letters and numbers.

-She is very sensitive and loving. Tonight when she wouldn’t eat the special dinner I made her I pretended to cry. She started saying, “Feel better mama, feel better!” Then she burst into tears and needed me to hug her. Guess I won’t be fake crying again soon- unless she played me? It got her out of her high chair like she wanted!

-Speaking of food. My child who used to eat EVERYTHING (aside from cold black beans) is so picky. All she wants is steak, bread with lots of butter, cheese, fruit (grapes, strawberries, frozen yogurt pops), ketchup (today I found her trying to suck the ketchup out of the bottle), hot dogs, peas, TJ’s fruit leather and cheese puffs/crackers/cheddar bunnies. I mean, she will eat other things, but those are her favorites.

-She loves to help out. She also loves to take things apart and make a giant mess. But she hates being messy and if she spills she freaks and has to clean it up right away.

-She is always giving kisses and big hugs. Except to the poor dogs. She has taken to hitting them with toys, which we are trying to correct, than she wants to hug them, but they want no part after that!

-She is saying 4-6 word sentences, well usually, 4-6 word demands. Girl knows what she wants!

-She loves painting (because it’s a mess she can clean up), enjoys helping us cook, play outside… and she starts her 2 year old swim class so she will love to be swimming again. I am sure it will be a tantrum when she has to get out of the pool!

There is a lot more I could write here, but my brain is fried from a tantruming almost 2 year old!



November 2015

22 Months

This month was so her. Pink Mingo was back. She loves the beach. LOVES it. So in honor of beach weather ending we did a beach inspired shoot. She cracked me up during this one. Such a little ham. Of course Mingo had to wear the glasses and hat!

22 IMG_0317 IMG_0319 IMG_0348 IMG_0374 IMG_0381



November 2015

21 Months

Flamingos are our thing. (Along with elephants.) She loves this “pink mingo” which is what my sister always called her flamingo she won at a fair. It has just stuck. This flamingo was left at our door by my mom on the day we closed on our house. M loves him. Poor thing, we didn’t realize until his photo shoot (to show M how easy it was) that his eyes are crooked. We love him anyway!

21months IMG_8682


November 2015

20 Months

I have fallen so far behind on these. I keep taking the photos, but the editing and posting? Sheesh. I can’t believe we are so close to her being 2. I seriously feel like she was just born. Time needs to stop. She is so full of personality I can’t stand it. I had to include a few to illustrate. This was also the month that we realized we need to buy more fabric!

20 IMG_0571 IMG_0583 IMG_0600


July 2015

19 Months

These might be some of my favorite photos. I feel like they each capture her personality so well- her impish side, her sweet side, her curious and inquisitive side- and that side that says, “Are you for reals right now?” She doesn’t know what sticking out your tongue is right now (so no, she isn’t being fresh in the photo) she just does it when she is concentrating! (Notice the scrape by her eye- from running into the car door when she was upset one night!) And I just had to add a few photos at the end of me at the same age- she’s definitely my girl :)

God, I love this little girl so!

19months IMG_5556 IMG_5561 IMG_5568 IMG_5572 IMG_5573

10399747_631994545759_4193107_n 10399747_631994900049_1050073_n 10399747_631995009829_3099811_n


July 2015

18 Months

I am super terrible about updating, but that’s because there is a new site on the way. Oops, I think I let that slip ;) She is growing like a weed and is the sweetest thing ever- most of the time! I can never decide between which photo to use, so per usual, here are my faves!

18Months IMG_4297 IMG_4298 IMG_4304


June 2015

17 Months

We were in FL for these photos (which were taken almost 2 months ago- yikes- working on the new site and other things and I have fallen behind!) So they were a little different- she sort of did better, but worse with my mom helping. She couldn’t decide if she wanted to behave or not ;)

17months IMG_3632 IMG_3634 IMG_3641 IMG_3647 IMG_3651 IMG_3661 IMG_3670


March 2015

16 Months


This is getting harder… not what I expected. I always thought my child would be easy in front of the camera. This shows an example of how hard it is to get these photos! (We will blame teething and being exhausted after Hadley’s party!) I never thought I would say that the dogs were better models!dramaQueenIMG_2851 IMG_2845 IMG_2837 IMG_2834 IMG_2818


March 2015

Dear Marlowe: Months 15 & 16

Dear Marlowe,

You are officially walking! And life is officially crazy. You are everywhere and into everything. You climb and scale chairs, furniture- anything you can! Baby girl, you are a toddler now and while mama is so excited she is also very sad you are growing up so quickly. You are a little person now and you are getting better at communicating with us.

We have been watching the Signing Time videos and you now sign “milk”, “all done” and “more.” (We are working on please, sometimes you get it.) You also put your hands out like “who me or I don’t know?” and you shake your head yes and no. Now that you sign for milk you want to nurse all the time (well a few times a day, sometimes more) and we had been weaning. But you stopped biting so I can tolerate it a little bit. We try to give you the bottle as much as possible, but if you are happy for the most part I am. You had a cold towards the end of month 16 (one night you woke up so sick so we sat in the steamy bathroom and then let you fall asleep sitting up on mama- and we had to skip a swimming lesson) and between that and getting 3 pre-molars and 1 front tooth you wanted mama and milk more often. (You very dramatically do the milk sign sometimes and then try to help yourself- not very modest! Thankfully it’s at home only!) Hopefully by 17 months we will be fully weaned.  You had also been sleeping really well until the time change, teeth and your cold. It all happened in the same two weeks and has you waking up early and not napping well. It’s tiring, but we will get through it.

You are getting really good at pointing at things we ask you to, such as where is the bunny, dog, cat, bird, etc. in books. You LOVE dogs and birds the most. You also can point at a lot of body parts such as head, hair, belly, nose, mouth, eyes, ears, teeth, etc. You are great at taking instructions such as bring this to daddy/mommy, can you go get that, etc. and you love to help do chores, such as putting laundry in the dryer (and dismantling the laundry basket), wiping down surfaces (which the dogs don’t love because they don’t want to be wiped down!), taking everything out of the lazy Susan or pantry, trying to “help” with the dishwasher, thankfully you dump the dogs food less… but still play in their water!

Every morning I plop you in the bathroom sink to do your hair while you play with the toothbrushes, you love it!

At your 15 month check up you weigh 24.2 pounds and were 32.5 inches long.  We figured you said between 18-20 words and your doctor (who is leaving and we are very sad) was impressed with your vocabulary. (She brought you a new book to start the appointment and she opened it up and you saw an owl on the page and said, “owl!”) She also was excited that you could point to so many body parts, she said she would be happy if you could point out just 2! You were impressive with your smarts, but not your pain tolerance! They couldn’t even take your temperature without you screaming and crying. She told me to expect it again at you 18 month appointment and then the visits should get easier. The vaccines were the worst part (and one of the reasons I didn’t care that you had weaned because it made you stop crying sooner.)

Here’s a list of the words you say: mama, dada, up, Cricket, Asia, dog, bird, bubba, apple, meow, owl, cat, ball, watch, water, pouch, that, why, what, fishy fish, book, read, hat, lunch, yeah,  hi, bye,  You also have started saying animal sounds when we ask (sheep= baaa, dog= bark (it was dog dog for a bit), cat=meow, pig=oink (the cutest oinking noise I have ever heard!), horse=neee, cow=maaa.)

Here’s a brief run down of what we did these last two months:

We had two visits to the Rumpus Room with Kayla and Tenley. The first visit you were just starting to walk and by the next visit you were running everywhere! You love the slide, the little rollercoaster, the ball pit and your absolute favorite is the shopping cart! When we were in a toy store one day the little shopping cart was the only thing you wanted to play with!

The week after we visited Auntie Brooke daddy’s friend Paul’s father passed away. We drove to Western Mass to his funeral. He was Native American and they had a Native American funeral. It was a beautiful service and so wonderful to see the customs of the service of the tribe. You had just started taking steps everywhere (you actually walked around a bit at it by standing up on your own) and when the chanting and drumming started you were chanting right along! After the service we met Paul’s cousin who just happened to work with Louise Emerson- small world! There was a little boy there that you were playing with and he was throwing his toys. You decided to follow his lead and throw toys for the first time. (Then he said after, “Mom I don’t like it when kids throw my toys!” She told him he shouldn’t have taught you to do it then! HA!)

On Superbowl Sunday we had the Prachers and Krechs over… not much game watching happened but we had lots of good snacks!

Mama had a few photo shoots- one maternity one with Nicole (you liked her dog!) and a few Valentine’s Day ones where you got to play with Hannah and Brennan a little bit.

On Valentine’s Day we went to the Children’s Museum in Portland. You had fun, especially in the toddler area. You did a great job climbing up the jungle gyms and going down the slides. Some of the older exhibits were too old for you, but you did sit through the constellation show in the mini planetarium.

Mama, Kayla and Rachel had a girls night out- we went to dinner and saw 50 Shades. You, daddy, Tenley and Niles went to Beal Street for dinner and daddy said it was the absolute worst night he has had out with you. He didn’t even get to finish his dinner or beer! You went from being happy and saying hi to tables to total melt down. Poor daddy! He definitely needs a guy night out!

We went to BYOB (Bring Your Own Baby) at Little Tap House in Portland. You did pretty well, but being one of the oldest babies you were a lot more trouble than they were- very stubborn! I think you either scared the parents of the infants (what’s to come for them haha!) or they thought we didn’t know how to control you (newsflash you can’t control this age without a leash… hehe!)

On April 2nd we went to the elementary school to read for Dr. Suess Day. You loved visiting with the kids and had a lot of fun running up and down the halls. That night mama went to Zumba and you played with grammy and grampy. When I came back to get you, you were snuggled up in grammy’s arms watching TV. It was so sweet.

We had lunch and went shopping at Buy Low Baby with Brittany and Aidan the day of your 15 month appointment. There was no highchair at Wild Oats and you wouldn’t sit in the Ergo seat I made- that was interesting to say the least.

We have been doing swimming lessons at the Wiscasset Rec Center. They aren’t as much fun there as Bath (they were cheaper and longer which is why we switched) and the water is cold, but you still enjoy swimming and Hadley is there. One day daddy asked them to turn on the water fountain things- you hated it and screamed and cried. I think it reminded you of taking showers which you also hate! You love jumping into the pool (while mama holds you) and you have gotten your face all the way under a few times accidentally and haven’t really minded. At your age maybe a month or two older (about 18 mo), mama was swimming with a bubble and jumping off the diving board, but I have been told they don’t use bubbles anymore. During these lessons you have started to kick more than you were before, so I think you are getting the hang of it.

We went to Portland one day with Kayla and Tenley to meet Katelyn and Brennan. We visited Green Light Studio where we played for awhile. (One little girl tried to push you down the stairs. Mama was not impressed.) Then we went to lunch at Cracker Barrel with Tenley and Kayla and shopping at Kohls. You and Tenley both slept through a lot of the shopping part- tired babies!

At your last swimming lesson grammy and grampy came to watch (and grampy gave you the nickname Squiggles.) You laughed and smiled whenever they waved to you (through chattering teeth.) Then we met great grammy and Paul at Sea Basket for lunch. That afternoon we went to Hadley’s first birthday party, where you were in love with the coffee table laid out with crackers, cheese, vegetables and dip. Once you saw daddy dip once, you couldn’t stop dipping crackers. It was too funny, and I am pretty sure you ate your weight in food that day! You had fun in the ball pit, learned to turn the light on and off with the pull cord and then taught Tenley how to as well! You also really liked Hadley’s ride on toys and liked smiling at everyone! That night you fell asleep on the ride home!

I swear everyday I think you learn something new! These months are just flying by! We love you so, so, so much little girl, I can’t wait to see what the next months bring!

Love Always,





February 2015

15 Months

Seriously where is time going? Our little baby is quickly turning into a little girl. And boy does she have a toddler attitude sometimes! With walking comes independence and knowledge, HA!

15months IMG_2524 IMG_2544 So our little sassy pants is growing up so fast and she is so much fun. She keeps us laughing and on our toes all day every day!

-She weighs about 25 pounds (we are guessing from our ghetto weighing techniques!)

-She is repeating sounds we say all the time (the other I said “watch this” and she kept repeating “watccsh”- we have to be careful what we say!)

-M is learning some sign language, she does “more”, “all done”, “milk”

-She loves to use forks and spoons to feed herself, although she has become a more picky eater and some days hates food she loved the day before- or just feeds it to the dogs.

– She is walking around and almost running like a maniac, she loves to chase you or be chased

-She has 7 teeth and 1 little molar trying to poke through (which explains the very difficult week we had before it cut through and daddy’s worse night out with her ever)

-She likes to dig around in the trash and recycling

-She likes to “help” do chores like put laundry in the dryer, trying to cook, put things away

-She follows simple commands like “bring this to mom” “put this away” “give mama a kiss!”

-She loves to hug Cricket and Asia, and loves having Cricket lick her feet

-She loves to give kisses to mom and her books

-She loves to give hugs, clap, say “hi” to people, say “bye”, wave to people, play peek-a-boo, chew on her toothbrush while getting her hair done in the sink

– She loves mom’s flourless peanut butter chocolate chip muffins and  will sneak away, climb up on a chair, steal one and then move the plate close to the edge of the table so she can steal more!

-She loves dancing to music and having dad play the guitar for her

-Books are one of her favorite things, she loves to grab books, bring them over to us and jump in our lap saying “bhook, bhook”

-She loves looking for birds “brr” and dogs “dahgs”

-She can point to her nose, mouth, hair, ear, head, eyes and belly and will also point to them on other people (the belly can get embarrassing as it requires lifting a shirt)- she started doing this around 14 months

-She has become a better sleeper, although the teething didn’t help. She goes to bed around 7:30-8 p.m. and wakes up between 6-7-ish (although daddy liked it better when she slept to almost 8- so did mama!)

-She also is a better napper- we can usually count on at least one good longish (1hr-2hr) nap!

-She is starting to kick more at swimming lessons

-She has temper tantrums!

-She is still the love of our lives!


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