Spinach savory cake
Delicious food

Spinach savory cake

Ingredients; spinach, eggs, corn kernels, mozzarella cheese, bacon
Spinach savory cake practice steps; 1 spinach leeches spare (after water, 15 seconds to remove, as much as possible to retain nutrients)
2 corn kernels cooked ready
3 bacon cut small pieces, all raw materials are ready
4 eggs break up
5 add chopped spinach
6 Add cooked corn kernels
7 added chopped bacon
8 added cheese wire
9 mold brush oil anti-stick
10 Put the good cake paste into the mold, preheat the oven for 180 minutes and 20 minutes.

Warm Tips: This cake is simple and the content can be very rich! Usually used to eat sweet cakes, occasionally change the way, eat salty cakes can reduce sugar intake. Because both the bacon and the cheese contain salt, there is absolutely no need to add salt, otherwise the salt will exceed the standard! If you like it, try it out. It is also a good choice for children who don’t like green vegetables at home~~~

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