Purple yam small steamed buns
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Purple yam small steamed buns

Purple yam is also called “purple ginseng”, purple yam contains many vitamins and trace elements, mucus, protein, various amino acids, mineral elements and other nutrients; purple yam contains a lot of purple anthocyanins, which is beneficial for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. And play a role in antioxidant, beauty and beauty. Purple yam is used in cooking soup, this time to do some breakfast, and do the steamed bread in the dough, not only the color is good, but also the nutritional upgrade of the taro. I also made the hoe a small one, which is more lovely and attractive.

Ingredients; purple yam, medium-gluten flour, fine sugar, yeast
The procedure of purple yam small steamed buns;
1 purple yam peeled, cut into thin slices
2 steam for a few minutes, then use a spoon to press the mud, sift once more delicate
3 yeast dissolved in warm water
4 Flour and sugar are mixed into the basin, then add the purple yam and pour the yeast water.
5 and into a smooth dough
6 If the room temperature is low, it can be fermented in the oven, use the fermentation file of the oven, but be sure to cover the dough, the dough can be fermented twice as large.
7 Take out the dough and simmer it, and grow it.
8 cut into 3CM long sections, a total of 17
9 placed in the steamer
10 wake up for 20 minutes, low temperature can heat the water in the steamer, the temperature can be touched by the hand, then put the steamer on
11 cold water pot steaming, the fire is steamed to medium heat for about 8 minutes, depending on the size of the head blank .

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