Mango Yogurt Blasting Toast
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Mango Yogurt Blasting Toast

Ingredients; toast, mango, yogurt, eggs
Mango yoghurt blasting toast steps;
1 ready for ingredients
2 Mango meat is cut into small pieces, eggs are scattered, and toast is cut into large pieces.
3 yogurt is added to the bowl containing mango
4 yoghurt and mango granules mix well
5 pieces of toast, surrounded by egg liquid
6 scoops of a spoonful of yogurt mango granules in the middle of the toast
7 covered with a piece of toast
8 on both sides of the egg liquid
Put a little oil in the pot, put a small fire, add the toast to saute, fry until golden on both sides.
10 out of the pot, cut diagonally (cut into triangles), set the plate.

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