Dixin Valley, the treasure house hidden in Enshi, China

Dixin Valley, the treasure house hidden in Enshi, China

To say the name of “foundation”, it is estimated that many people do not know, but when it comes to Enshi, no one knows about it. Enshi, one of the most popular tourist destinations in recent years, is located in the southwest of Hubei Province. It is located at the intersection of Hubei and Hubei. It has no cold in winter and no heat in summer. The annual average temperature is around 20 degrees per year. The climate is very high. Comfortable. Enshi Mountain has many natural scenery and natural scenery. There are Enshi Grand Canyon, Lichuan Tenglong Cave, Shuttle Bus Stone Forest, Badong Shennong River, Xianfengpingba Camp, and Jianshidi Heart Valley. The founding of the county is a county under the jurisdiction of Enshi. The area is only 2,666 square kilometers. This is a small town with its own railway station, comfortable climate, excellent air, 70% forest coverage, and a strong historical heritage. The splendid national culture also hides the stunning scenery, such as the heart of the valley.

As soon as you enter the scenic spot, the first thing that catches your eye is the 9D glass bridge that pulls the wind. This is the country’s first and the longest and highest canyon 9D glass suspension bridge in southwestern Hubei. This glass bridge is the iconic attraction of the Earth Valley, and it is also a well-deserved net red here. It will be brushed from time to time on various networks. Unlike other glass bridges I have seen, the end of the cloud is relatively more special. Above the bridge, there is a long flower-shaped flower gallery, and the bright flowers are extraordinarily romantic against the blue sky and white clouds and the green hills. The little girl in the same place took photos in this place and didn’t want to leave.

As a traveler who likes to hunt, this one, I not only walked the glass bridge, but also deliberately went through the road under the bridge. This road is nothing to look at, but when I approached, I found out that there was a section where I would wear a cave. Walking along the stone gates of the caves is also a unique memory. Some friends said that walking here seems to be through time and space tunnels. Wear time-space tunnels, step on the “Buyun” cable bridge, and step into the Enshi Dixin Valley Tianzhu resort.

The heart of the sky is the path I like very much. They are built along the mountain wall, twisting like a dragon in the mountains, the cliff is its mount, the green trees are their scales, this plank road itself is a beautiful landscape.

The powerful water flows out of the stone walls, stacked in layers, and the secluded canyon exudes infinite charm, strolling on the plank road, as if walking in a natural picture. The characteristics of the geocentric wonder area are undoubtedly “odd”, and the mountains, rocks, valleys and waters here are all amazing.

The geocentric wonders have a heart-shaped small pool, named after the Heart Valley, which is one of the most important landmarks here. The flowing water from the upstream and the springs from the cracks in the rock are gathered here, and the drops of water dribbled on the cliff fall into it. Several slanting suns pass through the stone to make the “heart-shaped” living water between the valleys Bringing light, fascinating.

The Shimen River is actually a small river, the waters are not wide, but it is already a fun landscape gallery in the long river of history!

Walking in the canyon, the stone wall has a hard personality, the continuous moss is green and soft, the clear water around it is clear and clear, the Yingying clear water in the backwater pool, the ancient vine hanging on the cliff, the grass is elegant, it is really refreshing. There is also a “Clouds of the Clouds” wall-mounted vertical sightseeing elevator. The bottom of the elevator is at the bottom of the valley. The top floor is located next to the tourist center of Longgao Bridge in the scenic area. The total height is about 180 meters. It is a fully transparent external sightseeing elevator that can reach from the bottom to the top. Take a panoramic view of the scenery.

Next to the Dixin Valley Scenic Spot is the “Geo Heart Valley Cliff House” Cliff Glass Hotel. We stayed here this night. The entire hotel is situated on a cliff with a vertical height of 356 meters, facing the canyon and backing the mountains. The walls are almost all transparent glass. The biggest feature of the hotel is that it has excellent views. Every house is warm and elegant. It has a three-sided view of the gorge, 270 degrees of super beautiful sight, large floor-to-ceiling glass, adding a lot of romance, but also more convenient. Enjoy the view. Dozens of separate rooms are built along the cliffs, high and low, and the chalets are embedded between the valleys, like fairytale houses. There is a wide range of applications and equipment in the room, all of which can be thought of, and better than expected. The most surprising thing is that the roof is a remote control electric transparent ceiling. Pressing the remote control will open a skylight. You can lie in the bed and watch the stars, how romantic you are. In addition, each room here is equipped with a terrace, enjoy the stars on the observation chair’s wicker chair, watch the sunset, or wait for the first morning light in the morning, or simply drink tea, chat, and stay in a daze. Looking at the scenery, they are very beautiful.

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