How should a one-year-old baby care?

How should a one-year-old baby care?

One-year-old babies have entered the early childhood from infancy; at this stage they have to start learning slowly, learning to talk, learning to walk, and learning to eat; it is the first stage of baby growth, parents must take good care of their baby. Living and eating, helping your baby grow up healthy and happy.

One year old baby, at the stage of eating; all the things in the eyes of the babies are delicious, the parents are very distressed, what we have to do is to buy the baby’s toys at home, it is best to buy silicone, so as not to hurt Baby’s teeth; often clean up the sundries in the home, sharp items and unclean things are placed in places that the baby can’t reach; always clean the baby’s toys (you can cook with boiling water). That is to say that the diet, this time the baby is very fond of eating; but not everything can be given to the baby, you can steam some eggs, make egg cakes; you can also cook rice porridge, these are It is better to digest, of course, the baby with good appetite can also eat potatoes, tofu and the like. However, the baby who feeds must drink plenty of water and pay attention to the baby’s bowel movements.

The babies learn the words, now the baby can press the most words, want to say and can not say clearly; parents can often teach the baby, father, mother and the like, but don’t teach today to teach that tomorrow, the little baby Not as good as yours.

Walking, the baby wants to walk a little bit, learning to walk, falling is inevitable; some parents rushed forward to help when the baby fell, or patted the ground and said, “We blame you, harm our baby fall down”. This kind of behavior is the most undesirable, let the baby learn to fall and climb up.

The most important thing is that parents should play less in front of the baby, such as mobile phones, computers, televisions, etc., radiation is not good for the baby. You can take your baby out for a walk and get in touch with the new environment. You can also listen to music to your baby. Children will be happy when they hear happy music.

One year old baby, they also have a good learning ability, that is, “imitation”, parents must pay attention to every move in front of the baby, do not give the baby a bad example! Don’t argue in front of your baby, don’t watch them don’t understand things, but they will be afraid, this will affect the baby.

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