Baby is short, you must first find out the cause and then solve

Baby is short, you must first find out the cause and then solve

Children grow short, but as long as they are within the standard of growth and development, parents do not need to worry too much. Some children are unable to keep up with nutrition. Some children are delayed because of certain diseases. Some children are late because of development, and some children are genetic because of factors. Then, as long as the real cause of the child’s shortness is found, and then the conditioning is improved, the child’s height can be slowly changed to a normal value.

First, the reason why the child grows short

  • Family genetic factors

Both parents are relatively short in height, and children tend to grow shorter, which is the result of family genetic factors. Others are genetically affected by generations, and the ancestors are short and the children are short.

  • Poor constitution leads to developmental delay

Children’s physical fitness is relatively poor, and their immune ability is low, which leads to slow development. Therefore, the child’s height will grow slowly, a few centimeters shorter than his peers.

  • Malnutrition leads to developmental delay

A child’s improper diet or malnutrition can cause a child to develop stunted. Therefore, if you want your child to grow taller, you should also pay attention to your child’s nutritional problems.

  • Insufficient sleep leads to short stature

The child’s sleep time and quality of sleep are also related to the child’s height. If the child does not get enough sleep time in a day, or if the quality of sleep is very poor, it will affect the child’s growth and development, resulting in the child’s height is not high.

  • Suffering from disease delays growth

Your child has certain diseases that affect the child’s growth and development. Only when the condition is restored, with the conditioning of diet and nutrition, can the child grow up slowly.

  • What should I do if my child is short?
  • Develop good eating habits

If your child grows short, then you should start from the good eating habits of your child. Do not let children eclipse food, improve their interest in eating, and use the diversity of food to supplement the child’s comprehensive nutritional intake, in order to improve the child’s height.

  • Pay attention to your child’s diet and nutrition

Parents should pay attention to the child’s diet and nutrition. The combination of vegetarian and vegetarian diet should be reasonable. It is not allowed to have only one type of food. This can easily lead to malnutrition.

  • Ensure adequate sleep time

Let your child have enough sleep every day to ensure that you get up early and get up early. Moreover, the quality of sleep should be good. In the process of sleeping, it is necessary to create a good environment for children to sleep better.

  • Properly participate in some exercises

Getting children to participate in some exercise exercises is good for the body, good for the body and mind, and great for the long-term.

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