Yuzi burning
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Yuzi burning

Breakfast Yuzi burn, give the children more to eat this autumn, the milk is rich, the taste is smooth, the taste is delicious, the ingredients are rich, the nutritional value is high, the practice is super simple, the eggs are scattered and the milk is added, the sausage is broken, the jade is fried or When the pan is fried, it will be OK to roll it up! What kind of roll is like, can be served on the table in 10 minutes, sweet and salty, with fruit, perfect energy breakfast. I often eat children to replenish energy, and I have a mental head in the morning.

Ingredients; eggs, bananas, cheese, milk, sausage, lettuce leaves, pepper, oil
The steps of the jade burning; 1 prepare the ingredients, the ingredients can be arbitrarily matched, the milk in the jade can also be replaced by water or broth.
2 The sausage is chopped, and the sausage has a salty taste, so I didn’t add salt to the egg.
3 Eggs are scattered, add milk, pepper, and sausage, and mix well in one direction.
4 I use a jade-boiled flat-bottomed frying pan. The advantage is that it is directly shaped, and it is not directly used in a pan. Brush the bottom of the pot, do not burn to the hottest, pour half of the egg liquid, fry.
5 Put a few lettuce leaves and put a piece of cheese before the egg is cooked.
6 Put a banana and roll it up with chopsticks.
7 This egg roll is relatively large. I took him out and fry another piece of egg cake. If you don’t use bananas, the egg rolls are small, so put them on the side and fry a quiche.
8 Repeat the previous steps, fry the second piece of egg cake, put the previous egg roll before the egg liquid is cooked quickly, roll it up with chopsticks and shovel, and put it in a little shape.
9 segmentation loading.

Tips; 1, the milk in the jade can also be replaced by water or broth. The amount of ingredients is only for reference. Eggs are available in size and the amount of milk can be adjusted appropriately.
2, according to your favorite taste to add ingredients, tomato sauce or salad dressing is also a good choice.
3, there is no special requirement for the frying pan. The jade frying pan is better. It is not as easy to use as a pan. There is no pan, and a large spoon can also be used.

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