Visit the secret village in the Swiss mountains

Visit the secret village in the Swiss mountains

Sunday is a sunny day! My friend decided to take me on a mountain hike to explore a century-old village in the Swiss mountains and see what the paradise in the Swiss mountains looks like. I like hiking, not to go from A to B, but to enjoy the process and the scenery along the way. With a reputation as an outdoor paradise, Switzerland has the natural beauty that hikers love and can fulfill all your outdoor dreams. The snowy winter, the lush summer, the spring flowers everywhere, the autumn forests are dyed, no matter which season, you will always find the beauty that melts you.

After a few kilometers of trekking, the small village of Veyges in the Alps arrived! It is said that the village is somewhat exaggerated. In fact, it is a small village, but the appearance of a dozen or so households is
In a quiet and beautiful mountain, I don’t know how long people in the village have lived here for generations. There is a very old feeling in the village that is going forward. I met an old man in the village.
We reported a warm smile, happy to say hello, what was said in the mouth, language barrier with the elderly, just express their greetings in body language. The old man seems to be very happy with our visit, and a simple smile shows a kind of heartfelt kindness and pleasure. After waving goodbye to the old man, we walked in the small village, the wooden houses were brown or black, and the windowsills at the door of every household were full of blooming flowers. There are more than a dozen wooden houses in front and behind, a house with agricultural tools. There is a green horse farm in front of the village. The two horses rest quietly under the shade of the trees. They don’t see the shops, nor do they see cafes and restaurants. Every household is planted with large roses, red, pink, yellow, and beautiful. Every household has a simple and simple decoration in front of the door, and most of them are wood carvings. At the spring of a flowing water, we found the wooden table and wooden chair, so we sat down and used the kettle to drink the spring water. The cool and sweet taste was endless.

When you want to calm down, your ears will be filled with sounds from the mountains. There are birds and sounds. It seems that you can hear the sound of wild flowers swaying. These sounds really have a magical power that allows you to involuntarily immerse them, even I started a daydream. After all, people who have lived in the city for a long time have a rare life experience in this quiet mountain village, so they can’t help but think about it. Isn’t this simple and quiet life a happy life? It’s just that once people have experienced the confession and temptation of the world, the heart will really not be calm and pure, there will be more needs and extravagance, so it is impossible for people to return to the past, it is impossible to pretend everything. Go back to the past without happening. Because the world has changed, your inner world has changed. So everyone’s search for inner peace is nothing but a temporary paralysis and a short return.

There are many small villages scattered in the mountains. I don’t know how many such small villages are scattered in this awkward Alps. There are wooden old houses and flowers everywhere, it is a flower village. There is beauty and tranquility everywhere, which makes me deeply fascinated by the days of this idyllic mountain house.

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