Italy goes all the way north, from Rome to Venice

Italy goes all the way north, from Rome to Venice

For Italy, I have longed for it. In the past few years, there was no time for work reasons. Later, when he resigned, he became a freelancer and had time to look at the place he wanted to go. The cities of Italy are not big. Apart from the subway in Rome, several other cities are almost walking. The hotel is conveniently located near the train station in the city centre and is not far from the main attractions. The economic development of Italy is uneven. Generally speaking, the north is relatively rich and the south is backward. Rome is probably in the middle, followed by Florence, Venice, and the consumption is getting higher and higher, and the price of the hotel is also the same. It is convenient to take the train by the traffic between the Italian cities. However, Italian trains are more complicated, including international trains, domestic express trains, and domestic slow trains. The Italian railway station does not need security check, nor does it have the idea of ​​checking the ticket. It is optimistic about which platform to board directly. It usually takes 15-20 minutes before driving to show which platform on the big screen, so you don’t have to go to the train station too early, because you can only stand and wait, there is no waiting room. Rome’s public transportation is relatively perfect, there are many attractions in the city, walking near the point, and taking the subway or bus far away.

Near the Roma Termini train station, come out and walk around. The city of Rome is full of this style of house. There is no new high-rise building. It feels very simple and has a long history. The alleys of the old city are a bit like the feeling of the Shanghai Bund area, very laid-back and dull.

There are many churches in Rome, and the Catholic Church is in the Vatican (the Vatican is a country, but it is in the city of Rome). In all cities of Italy, churches are a must-see destination. Various historic sites in the old town, near King’s Road.

The Piazza Venezia is the iconic square of Rome, where visitors are significantly more numerous.

Then visit Palatine Hill first, it is too big. This mountain is one of the seven hills of ancient Rome and is one of the most central and one of the best preserved monuments in Rome. Looking down on the top of the mountain, one side is the Roman Forum and the other side is the Colosseum.

The remains of the remains show the power of the Roman period. The old house, which is seen from the mountains, is very charming. There are many ancient cities in Italy, and the number of world heritage sites is the highest in the world. There are still many tourists waiting in line at the Colosseum. This is a world cultural heritage. It is going to be inspected, so the queue is long. In appearance, it is a perfect circle; when overlooking, it is oval. It covers an area of about 20,000 square meters, with a long shaft length of about 188 meters, a short shaft length of about 156 meters, a circumference of about 527 meters, and a wall height of about 57 meters. This huge building can accommodate nearly 90,000 people. Audience.

The huge Roman column hangs in midair, which used to be a magnificent palace.

Photographed on the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica, this photo is often seen online, like a key.

The Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore is the center of Florence’s old town and is also free to open, but the dome and the bell tower are purchased separately, and the ticket office is not in the church. It is also a World Heritage site, and it also requires security checks. There are many tourists waiting in line. Also suggest that entering the church for the entry requirements, can not wear super shorts and short skirts, etc., can bring a shawl, may be used.

About an hour drive from Florence to Siena. Siena was founded in 29 BC and is one of Italy’s famous ancient cities. The ancient city is small in size and can be walked.
The ancient city of San Gimignano didn’t know before, but I like it very much. The ancient city maintains a medieval style building. Outside the ancient city is the idyllic scenery of Tuscany. Looking at the window on the road is such a scene.

Florence is also a city with a lot of charm.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the must-see destinations in Italy. In fact, it is more convenient to go from Florence to Pisa. There are many trains every day, but they are all slow trains. The Leaning Tower of Pisa is not too big. One hour is enough, and there are many tourists. The leaning tower was built in August 1173 and is the free-standing bell tower of the Cathedral of Pisa, Italy. The leaning tower can still be up.

The most representative photo of the Cinque Terre is the second village. The village is located on a rock by the sea, the house is still colored, uneven, and the sea is very clean. There is a viewing platform opposite the village, where tourists take pictures. There are a lot of tourists in the Cinque Terre, and it is also the highest point of interest in Italy.

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